"Say You Like Me" Manga Depicts Confessions of "Love Plus" Girls

Short strips, but long on emotion

If you feel like there's been a lot of Love Plus in the air recently, just remember that it's a whole thing. It's such a whole thing that artist (of usually more risqué subject matter, which might come through a bit) Kohaku Sumeragi did a series of fan manga called "Say You Like Me" where each of the girlfriends from the dating sim DS game confess in their own cute way. We'll save the tsundere for last...



"What?! I...like you." 




"Hm? What? / Hehe, yep, I like you! / Hehe, oh man >< / I really like you..."




"Huh? What are you talking about? That's stupid. / Argh, what are you lookin' at?! I'm not gonna say it! [can't quite make out the kanji...] / Anyways, I dunno what the point is, so I'm tellin' you to gimme a break. / [in txt] I like you."

There's someting pretty cute about Rinko's defeated-by-love scowl, but who is your favorite? 


Source: Kotaku Japan, Otakomu

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