Seating Chart: "Another" Anime Classmates Graded for Hotness

Can you guess who was given the sole S rank?

Maybe you noticed as well, from the very first time you met class 3-3 in the school mystery anime, Another, how incredibly well-distinguished and generally good-looking the students are. If you didn't, go back and watch the scene of Sakakibara's first day of school.


A fan with confidence in his hotness intuition for both sexes ranked everyone S, A+, A, B, or C:



Apparently S stands for...eyepatch! Of course, we expected nothing less than for Sakakibara to get an A+. But look, only 13% of the class got a C—the power of Noizi Ito! She is able to design distinct and appealing characters. Even the Cs aren't so bad, just a little different. Perhaps it's telling that there is no F? 


Obviously this is a purely subjective and somewhat goofy exercise, but it's nice to have an excuse to check everyone out for a moment. Who's your favorite in class 3-3?


via OtaNews

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