Can't Catch 'Em! Pack of Pikachus Run Wild in Tokyo

What would you do if you ran into this Poké-freakshow?

Even Satoshi/Ash Ketchum himself didn't have enough Pokéballs on hand to catch a wily band of folks dressed up in Pikachu tights. Instead, he joined them in a romp around Tokyo neighborhoods, from train stations to McDonald's.


The pack of wild Pocket Monsters made their way through Shibuya and Harajuku, and were even spotted further west in Hamamatsuchō, communicating via "pikachūpikachū" all along the way.



Sightings were also reported at a McDonald's in Harajuku, a Starbucks in Shibuya, and along the Yamanote train line. 2channel forum reactions were mixed:


I admire people who have the power to mobilize like this.


I wonder if someone would do us a favor and deal with these guys as if they are terrorists…


If there were guys like these near my place I'd report them, seriously.



How would you react if you saw this merry pack of electric rats stomping through your hood?



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