"Hiiro no Kakera" Anime Site Update Causes Fan Anxiety

Key visuals and voice actor changes

Otome game series turned spring anime, Hiiro no Kakera, got an official site update with some key visuals, and the cast appears to have had some late changes. We originally reported that the show would feature all the same voices as the videogame, with the addition of Marie Miyake for the female lead. 


Here is some of the new art:



A little different from:



Shizuki Ugaya (protagonist Tamaki's grandmother) will be played by Tamie Kubota (Sui Shijima in Hanasaku Iroha, a couple roles in Black Jack) instead of Ryou Ikezaki.  


Kiyono Takara (classmate of Tamaki) will be played by Suzuko Mimori (Moe Satou from Poyo Poyo, Sherlock Shellingford from Tantei Opera Milky Holmes) instead of Maya Komata.


Almost all of the Logos (the bad guys) have changed:


Eins: Hiroyuki Tsunakawa --> Hiroki Yasumoto (Shou in Bodacious Space Pirates, Izumo Kamurogi in Aquarion EVOL

Zwei: Masakazu Sakimoto --> Yoshihisa Kawahara (various roles in Future Diary, a couple roles in Nichijou)

Drei: Kouichi Souma --> Youji Ueda (a couple roles in Tiger & Bunny, the "furukimono" monsters in Blood-C)

Vier: Amika Takahashi --> Sayaka Ōhara (Ayaka Mine from The Knight in the Area, Yuri Takanashi from Listen to Me, Girls, I'm your Father!)


And finally, Tamaki's familar fox spirit, O-chan, will be played by Rikako Yamaguchi (Sachi Nogami in Lagrange: The Flower of Rin-ne, various roles in Mawaru-Penguindrum) instead of Ryou Ikezaki.



Japanese fans seem a bit let down, but as one 2ch commenter pointed out, "The most important thing is the script." Are any of these changes enough to make you less interested in watching the show?


via Otakomu

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