ClariS of "Madoka Magica" Anime OP to Release First Album

Also performed OP for "Oreimo" and ED for "Nisemonogatari"

J-pop duo ClariS announced they have finished an album of "sparkly pop," their first, which will go on sale April 11th. It has some songs you know on it:


1. sayonara wa iwanai ("i won't say goodbye")

2. irony (the OP to Oreimo)

3. koi jishaku ("love compass")


5. nexus (the theme to the Oreimo books)

6. flowery

7. CONNECT (the theme to Puella Magi Madoka Magica)


9. graduation

10. treasure

11. naisho no hanashi ("that's a secret," the Nisemonogatari ED)

12. zutto



Just the CD itself goes for 3,059 yen (about US $38, standard in Japan), but who would buy just that when there are not one, but two special editions?!? 


Perfect Limited Disk (4,500 yen/~$56)

12 song CD plus:

*ClariS Nendoroid (Petit CONNECT ver.)

*Nendoroid theme song 8 cm CD (contains the songs "Anata ni FIT" short ver. and "Nen - do - roido")


Limited Time Only (till end of May)  (3,500 yen/~$44)

12 song CD plus:

*Textless OP videos for Oreimo, Madoka, textless ED for Nisemonogatari

*TV commerical collections for "irony," "CONNECT," and "Naisho no Hanashi"


The "irony ver." ClariS Nendoroid was pretty dang cute when it came out last year, so I'm sure we can expect something cool for "CONNECT," too: 



via Yaraon!

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