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Meet the Human Identities of Akihabara's Power Rangers

"Prince of Tennis" star and models as the protectors of Akihabara

Yesterday we got a look at the Hikōnin Sentai Akibaranger (Unofficial Task Force Akihabara Rangers) - this year's Akihabara based, second string, adults-only "Super Sentai" show. Today we get a look at Nobuo Akagi/Akiba Red (live-action Prince of Tennis' Masato Wada), Mizuki Aoyagi/Akiba Blue (Kyoko Nichinan), and Moegi Yumeria/Akiba Yellow (Karin Ogino).





The FiguArts versions of the heroes:


The heroes' henshin device/weapon:


Their Machine Itassha:


Professor Hiroyo (Rei Uchida):


Villain Marushina (Honoka):


via Henshin Justice

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