VIDEO: Stuffed to the Brim with "Mawaru-Penguindrum" Anime-Inspired Cafe Fare

No actual penguins need be eaten!

Two reporters from Rocket News 24 challenged themselves to eat all the Mawaru-Penguindrum food items currently available for a limited time at Ikebukuro's Namco Namja Town theme park.



The menu included:



House of Takakura Fried Chicken Burger


Fruit of Fate Curry


Glutton #2's Takoyaki Pizza Kyu!



Penguin Rice Cookies and Penguin Ramune [Candy?]


3 Penguins' Curly Rolled Crepe


Santoshi-Sensei's Pudding, Y'know!


Ringo's Curry Type 1 - Chocolate Mont Blanc


3 Penguins' Tiramisu Cake Kyu-kyu


Himari's Gooey Ice Cream


Fate Diary Ice Cream


Health and Happiness #2's Dream Sherbet


Parfait for You Guys Who Will Never Amount to Anything


Triple H Rock Over Soft Serve


#1's Fluffy Ice Cream Kyu-kyu!


By the way, each food item comes with an original sticker—there are 14 to collect.


Once they ate all that stuff, they were positioned as experts in the field of official Mawaru-Penguindrum cuisine, so they decided the three tastiest menu items: 


1. House of Takakura Fried Chicken Burger

"A dish with lightly and subtly curry flavored fried chicken that really excites your appetite. The cabbage provides a nice crunch, so we want you to eat while steadily pulverizing it with every bite."


2. Triple H Rock Over Soft Serve

"It's the most plain dessert of all the official Mawaru-Penguindrum cuisine, but you'll be surprised when you eat it! The soft serve's milky texture is extremely rich—certainly FABULOUS MAX!"


3. 3 Penguins' Curly Rolled Crepe

"Crepes are standard date fare, but if both the boyfriend and girlfriend are Mawaru-Penguindrum fans, then you have to make sure to eat this dessert. You feel a little bad nibbling on the 3 penguins faces."


The Namco Namja Town Mawaru-Penguindrum event includes an art and script exhibit on the 3rd floor and runs through April 8th. 


For more on the food, check out the video of the cafe adventure:



via Rocket News 24

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