VIDEO: The Best of Katsu-Con Cosplay

Two clips by Ackson Lee

COSPLAY! COSPLAY! COSPLAY! There sure was a lot of Cosplay going on this last weekend. Not only did I attend Animation on Display in San Francisco, but Katsu-Con – which took place at the beautiful Gaylord National Hotel and Convention Center in Maryland  - was just last weekend, too. Amazing pictures and fan-videos are sprouting up all over the intertronz.


Among them are a trilogy of clips created by the amazing Ackson Lee, who's attained world-wide fame for his fun and flirty Cosplay and Convention Fan videos.


In his second of three Katsucon videos (above), we get to see some gorgeous footage of cosplayer Yaya Han getting dressed in her Carmilla Cosplay, which will literally take your breath away. Then, once you've grasped your breath back from the Vampire Countess herself, some of you will recognize the beautiful Fairy Princess Morrigan FINALLY being cosplayed (One of my favorite characters from the Ah! My Goddess movie, along with a gorgeous Belldandy who's wings actually UNFOLD as she outstretches her arms! Later in the video, you can see Jessica Nigri using her Thum to ward off a pack of Ninja dressed in some Skyrim armor. Expect tons of cosplay in this clip, ending in a fierce battle (read: cat fight) between Supergirl and Camilla.


This clip starts with a cosplayer dressed as Princess Hinoto from X/1999. Then, I think the stars of this video are the Amazing cosplayers, dressed as Tance Kuja and Princess Garnet, trapped underneath the ceiling of a gazebo, crawling with winged Black Mages (or Black Waltzes). Being a big FF IX fan, I could not take my eyes off them! We also see Madoka captured, Mami holding her captor at gunpoint, as well as lots of dancing, and even a few moves from 2ne1's "I am the Best" video ~

Many photographers and video makers have been inspired by Ackson's work and have begun making their own cosplay showcase videos. Make sure to check them out! This is definitely one of the coolest ways to present the hard work and love that goes into cosplay!


Cosplayer, fangirl, and RPG enthusiast Victoria Holden is featured on The Live Show. You can follow her on Twitter at @sailorbee

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