Experience a Virtual Japanese Festival in "Minna no Ennichi" Mini-Game Collection

Complete with food stands and goldfish on your 3DS

If you've never been to a Japanese festival, there is an upcoming game that promises to bring the full experience to the 3DS. Minna no Ennichi ("Everybody's Festival") is a mini-game collection that uses all the 3DS's gimmicks. Famitsu introduced some of the activities:


For example, in the goldfish fishing game, the camera turns (what seems like) your room into an aquarium and you scoop up fish by tilting with proper timing. The ones you snag are entered in an encyclopedia for your later bragging reference.


The target practice game is played by searching out the prize you want with motion control and then blowing into the microphone to shoot. You can win stuffed animals like the lion pictured above.



The yoyo fishing game tasks you with using motion control to hook capsules containing pieces of a map of Japan.


"Smart Ball" looks and plays similar to pachinko and uses the circle pad pro. The little balls you collect can be exchanged for candy. Shaking the machine a bit might help if you're stuck...


Minna no Ennichi is out May 24th in Japan from Bandai Namco. So, yes...the only people who can really play it due to region-locking are people with Japanese 3DSes who, more likely than not, have access to real Japanese festivals. 


via Famitsu

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