"Sine Mora" Shooter Touches Down on XBLA in March

Grasshopper Manufacture dates its time-warping shooter

Grasshopper Manufacture (Lollipop Chainsaw, No More Heroes) isn't known for doing things in a straightforward way, and the same can be said for the announcement of the release date for its shooter, Sine Mora. After asking fans to guess what the date would be, the Sine Mora Facebook page announced the winner and the official date of March 21.


Co-developed with Digital Reality, the "diesel-punk" shoot 'em up is exclusive to Xbox Live Arcade. It's also one of the few 360 games with native 3D TV support, and features boss designs by studio Gonzo mainstay Mahiro Maeda.


You can see the video announcing the contest winner below. It also shows a stage from Sine Mora that hasn't been seen before, but it's over pretty fast and the audio is rough.



If you'd prefer a better look at the shmup, here's one of the previously posted trailers:



Via Joystiq

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