"Pokémon Black/White 2" Confirmed for Nintendo DS in June (Updated)

Game Freak CEO confirmed sequel to Nintendo DS game during "Pokémon Smash" TV program, confirms names of new Legendary Pokemon

Junichi Masuda, CEO of game developer Game Freak and creator of the Pokémon series of games took to the "Pokémon Smash" weekly TV progam on Sunday morning in Japan to announce a direct sequel to Pokémon Black/White for the Nintendo DS in Pokemon Black/White 2, which is slated for a June release in Japan and has yet to be confirmed for international release.


Pokemon Black/White 2


Masuda also teased the reveal of the two new Legendary Pokémon found in the games (seen above) during next week's program and were teased during the game's confirmation this week. Other than that, no further information on any changes to the battle system is available yet, but is expected soon. The US Pokémon site has also confirmed a future US release for the game and lists it as "coming soon" with more info to be confirmed throughout the year, suggesting a holiday season launch.


Update: Junichi Masuda has taken to Twitter once again to confirm the names of the two new Legendary Pokémon as "Black Kyurem" and "White Kyurem"


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