Solid Snake Infiltrates the Play Arts Kai Figure Collection

For accurate display of this figure, pose it before the blown-up remains of your display shelf

As one of the universal all-time favorite video game characters, Solid Snake has had several different action figures and resin statues available for collectors. The Play Arts Kai line gets the premiere tactical espionage action hero with the release of Solid Snake, due in mid-march for 5800 yen (about $72.50)!


Snake comes armed with a suppressor-equipped SOCOM pistol (that fits in the holster on his hip), a FAMAS rifle (that can be slung over his shoulder), and extra hands (fists, in this case) for when Snake is out of ammo.









This guy makes a solid companion to the Arkham Asylum-designed Batman--heck, he even goes well with Vanquish's Sam Gideon! While I'm gonna wait for a Metal Gear Solid 3 version of Big Boss, are any of you going to pick up the Play Arts Kai edition of Solid Snake?



via Andriasang

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