Gameplay and Release Details for "Panzer Dragoon" Spiritual Sequel "Crimson Dragon"

Formerly known as "Project Draco," you'll have your hands full training and raising your dragon

The on-rails Kinect shooter Project Draco received little fanfare during its reveal at Tokyo Game Show last year. It's understandable--with only a handful of samey screenshots and no details other than "you'll be able to fly on a dragon and burninate the countryside," we quickly turned our attention to other, bigger titles.


At an Xbox 360 10th Anniversary event in Akihabara, plenty of details were revealed about the game and its motion controls. Now officially named Crimson Dragon, it looks like the spiritual sequel to the Saturn's Panzer Dragoon has really taken off.





Being a rail shooter, you're constantly moving forward on-screen, but you'll have to move to dodge obstacles and enemy fire. Sweeping your right hand across the screen activates lock-on and homing shots, while your left hand is used for powerful single blasts.





Using those single blasts will use up some of your Spirit gauge, but in a pinch you can wave both hands to activate a screen-clearing "bomb"-type attack.





The demo was played with a red dragon, but you'll be able to switch out which dragon you're riding. Different dragons have different combat abilities, and you can upgrade their skills by giving them different types of feed.


So really, this is what you're doing in-game:




I'm stoked for this--I've always loved Panzer Dragoon, and the last time we got a game like this it was at the original Xbox's launch with Panzer Dragoon Orta. Yeah, yeah, Drakengard let you ride around on a dragon, but it was more of an RPG--and the less said about Lair, the better. This looks to be doing the dragon-riding rail-shooter genre right--what do you think?




via Famitsu, Andriasang

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