VIDEO: "Type Tda Miku Append" Chibi-Miku Version Dance!

Loli version of the new Miku model captures the hearts of the fans

As previously reported, the newest type of MMD model "Type Tda Miku Append" developed by Tda has been a great sensation among the Hatsune Miku fans and has motivated them to create brand-new MMD videos with the model. Miku, who is 16 years old, has two child versions, Chibi-Miku (age of 12~13?) and Puchi-Miku (7~8?). A Japanese MMD creator named Oyuugi originally tried to make the Chibi version dance video as the Japanese title indicates, but the completed video features the Puchi size of Miku somehow. Anyway, enjoy the cute Miku dance!



Source: Hatsune Miku News

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