Sneak a Peek at Europe's "Pandora's Tower" Limited Edition

Nintendo Wii action-RPG gets dolled up for its April release

Pandora's Tower is the last of the three coveted Nintendo Wii games that has yet to be announced for release in North America. Xenoblade Chronicles and The Last Story are on the way, so never say never, but for now we turn envious eyes to Europe, which will not only be getting the game on April 13, but this snazzy limited edition to boot.


The limited edition includes steel book casing and a 32-page artbook


Pandora's Tower was released in Japan on May 26, 2011. The story follows Aeron, who feeds his friend Elena monster meat to keep her from mutating into a monster herself. The catch? He has to head into labyrinths and take down monsters with his Oraclos Chain to get the goods. Pandora's Tower has a relationship system centered on Aeron and Elena, with multiple endings determined by choices made throughout. 


Here's one of the earlier trailers for those new to the game:



Hopefully we'll hear something about a stateside release at some point.


Via Siliconera

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