"Fire Emblem: Awakening" Gets Special Cobalt Blue 3DS Bundle

Nintendo Japan also shows off new Mario 3D and Monster Hunter 3G bundles

Fire Emblem: Awakening hits Japan on April 19, and Nintendo is introducing a 3DS bundle just for the occasion. The package includes the game, a special version of the Cobalt Blue 3DS, and a prepaid eShop card (¥1,000), which should come in handy for Fire Emblem's DLC.



The bundle is priced at ¥19,800 (~$244). The Cobalt Blue 3DS by itself will be available in Japan on March 22 for ¥15,000 (~$185). 


Nintendo is also showing off a few more hot Japanese 3DS bundles. The Super Mario 3D Land sets come packaged with the game and either a Misty Pink or Ice White 3DS, both of which already have the original Super Mario Bros. installed on SD memory.



The Monster Hunter bundles are available in either Flare Red or Cosmo Black.



Both the Monster Hunter and Mario bundles come out in Japan in March. I don't know about you, but I want that Cobalt Blue 3DS!

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