Capcom Confirms "Dragon's Dogma" Demo on the Way

Try it before you buy it, slash 'em before you cash 'em

Once a Resident Evil 6 demo was announced to be included with the upcoming fantasy game, Dragon's Dogma quickly became the Tobal No. 1 of the current generation for some. Capcom has more confidence in its open world action-RPG, though, and a demo is on its way to the Xbox Live Marketplace and PlayStation Store in advance of Dogma's May release.


The demo will let players experiment with two of the character classes, with a party of three Pawns at their side. As the Fighter, a melee specialist, you'll fight through underground tunnels and take on the Chimera in a prologue quest. As the Strider, you'll aim your bow and your daggers at the Griffin in a battle in the open plains. 


Capcom didn't mention an exact date for the demo, but it sounds like it'll be a chunky enough sampling of the full game. Dragon's Dogma is due out in North America on May 22, with Europe following on May 25.

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