"Tekken" Producer Harada Wants to Reinvent Fighters with Wii U

Ideas include using the controller's tablet screen for reference or move demonstrations

It's pretty safe to say that fighting games take more mental gymnastics than almost any other gaming genre. Not only do you have to know and understand your character's moves, it helps if you know your opponent's moves, the counters to them, as well as strategy, spacing, and keeping tabs on however many gauges are on-screen.


Tekken producer Katsuhiro Harada hopes to streamline that complexity with Nintendo's upcoming Wii U system, using its unique tablet controller for a variety of purposes, including displaying move lists (no more having to pause the game to check!), frame data, and combo damage. He went into more detail in an interview with Nintendo Gamer:


"I thought about how I used to play arcade games a lot. The arcade stations have a device called a ‘live monitor’ in addition to the main screen, and it occurred to me that they might be capitalising on this existing implementation of the technology."



When asked how a second screen would work with the traditionally single-screen fighting genre, he explained:


"Actually, we’ve been using two screens on Tekken arcade machines for over seven years now. At the side of the game itself, there’s the live monitor displaying information which isn’t about the current fight, but rather lets the player browse and watch videos from other arcades, and see rankings or player profiles from all over the country."



Like I said before, not having to pause the game to check one's moves is already a brilliant idea, especially in a game like Tekken where the average character can have around 150 different combos and strings. For beginners, this two-screen system could even offer a live tutorial system, guiding players through the game and its mechanics while letting them play actual matches and learn from them.

What do you think? Is this a good idea, or should fighters steer clear of the Wii U?

via Shoryuken

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