"Bakemonogatari Portable" Teaser Site and Limited Edition Detailed

Game's genre still unconfirmed

Following on the initial confirmation of Bakemonogatari Portable for the PSP last month, publisher Bandai Namco has quietly opened up a teaser site for the game that does its job and teases the game, but doesn't reveal much else in the way of key details other than what's already been confirmed. They were nice enough to confirm an August 23rd release date and detail the limited edition, but that's it. Have a look below.


Bakemonogatari teaser site


Bakemonogatari PSP Limited Edition


Contents of the massive Senjougahara-themed limited edition include: a booklet, a pouch, a set of custom themes, a special content DVD, a voice CD, and a collector's box sure to get hardcore fans in enough of frenzy to pre-order.


Anyone willing to take the plunge and pre-order the limited edition? I personally know someone that would love this Senjougahara-heavy limited edition.


via Andriasang

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