"From Up On Poppy Hill" Wins Japan Academy Animation Prize

"The King's Speech" gets Best Foreign Film

The states had the Oscars this week and Japan just had their Academy Prizes awarded as well. We briefed you on the Best Animated Feature nominees previously, but out of that list, Studio Ghibli's From Up On Poppy Hill (Kokurikozaka Kara) came out on top. We're only now finally seeing The Secret World of Arrietty in US theaters, but surely we'll catch up eventually!



As for the rest of the awards, Rebirth (Youkame no Semi) won in ten categories (almost all of them!), including Best Picture and Best Director. Yoshio Harada won Best Actor posthumously for his work in Oshika-mura Soudouki. Best Supporting Actor went to Denden for his role in Cold Fish (Tsumetai Nettaigyo). The Last Chushingura (Saigo no Chūshingura) won for Art and The King's Speech won Best Foreign Film.


Has anyone seen any of these? I liked From Up On Poppy Hill quite a bit, and I'd definitely see Cold Fish again, buckets of gore withstanding. I think Black Swan (also nominated) was better than The King's Speech, but maybe that's just me... Let us know your impressions in the comments!


via Yaraon!, The Hollywood Reporter

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