Happy Birthday to "One Piece" Pirate Chef Sanji!

Celebrate with high-kicking fanart and some excellent-looking cakes

The Strawhat Pirates are some truly likeable characters. In fact, they're all so likeable that it's very hard for me to determine a "favorite" among them--but Sanji is definitely near the top of the list, not only because he's a consistently funny character, but he's also a pretty cool guy. A wannabe ladies' man and a consummate cook, Sanji is one of the voices of reason among the Strawhats. He also has the best wanted poster among them:




The Strawhats' kickfighting chef has a birthday today, and there's plenty of cake and art to go around! Check 'em out!



by roronoakatie



by tsuyomaru



by ElElfoAzulDeLaNoche

No matter where he goes, Sanji is never, ever gonna live down this wanted poster.



by 從碎紙機里自殺



by JuniperMoon



by ゆーき



by QZ

Sanji throughout the series. Let's not mention those two years he spent cross-dressing.



by いざいた★臨巳

Sanji's lifelong dream is to find All Blue, a beautiful ocean with fish from all over the world. Now for one of Sanji's other, far-less-likely fantasies:



by biafura

Translation reads: "DRASTIC MEASURES."

Nami: "If you get a nosebleed, I'll kill you"


Yeah, never mind.

What are some of your favorite Sanji moments from One Piece? Does he look cooler with or without the goatee? Let us know in the comments!

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