"InuYasha" and "Golgo 13" Creators Give Caramel Corn Packaging Manga Eyes

Second set of manga luminaries illustrate Tohato snack bags

Last May, Japanese snack company Tohato celebrated the 40th anniversary of their caramel corn with bags featuring eyes from manga luminaries Momoko Sakurai (Chibi Maruko-chan), Fujio FujikoⒶ (Kaibutsu-kun, Ninja Hattori-kun), Riyoko Ikeda (The Rose of Versailles), and Tezuka Productions (Astro Boy). You can see the previous line-up in our earlier report.


Take a look at the newly announced second set, planned for this spring. In addition to eyes, this time around there are limited time only flavors as well. 


Available April 2:


Rumiko Takashi (InuYasha, Ranma 1/2) - Mixed Berry 


Fujio Akatsuka (classic gag manga such as Tensai Bakabon) - Honey Butter 


Available May 14th:


Shigeru Mizuki (GeGeGe no Kitaro) - Red Bean Milk 


Takao Saito (Golgo 13) - Chocolate 


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