Monthly Moe Rice Girl Campaign Started in Japan

Moe girls illustrated on bags have promoted the rice strongly

Illustrated rice bags featuring moe girls have been a big trend in Japan. Probably the rice taste as good as it looks. Mukouyama Shouten, a rice retailer in Osaka, starts a new campaign for moe rice at their online store on March 1. The moe/bishoujo girls illustrated by a Japanese illustrator Ginta on the 5 kg rice bags will change every month, it means you have to eat the 5kg rice in one month to complete the moe girls line-up. The site explains 5kg rice is equal to 60-70 cups of boiled rice. The price of the moe rice is 2,780 yen (approximately US$34.10). Also, a part of the profit will be donated to the disaster area in Fukushima damaged by the Great East Japan Earthquake.


The moe rice girl for the first month "Kinu Mimasaka" (school uniform ver.)


Other famous moe rice girls:


One of the first moe rice girl illustrated by Aoi Nishimata for "Akitakomachi" in 2008

"Hikari Hino" by Inoue Beikoku Nenryoten in Miyazaki

"Minorin" for "Moe Minori" rice  in Akita

Source: Netlabo

© Chuable Soft/Mukouyama Shouten

© Aoi Nishimata

© Inoue Beikoku Nenryoten

© Yasuho Kintarou Shoten

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