Can You Guess All of Flying Dog's Barking Voice Actors?

Contest has prizes, but mostly bragging rights

Flying Dog, record company Victor Entertainment's anime-related branch, has a quiz for you, and it won't be easy. They've compiled 17 voice actor/music artists' original interpretations of the barking and panting noises used as the brand's tagline in TV commercials, but there are no hints as to who is who. See if you can guess:



Yeah, you'd pretty much have to be a savant, but they've prepared 100 t-shirt and tote bag prize packs for people who can get them all correct. (Winners will be decided by lottery. Deadline for entry is March 31st.)



You can see what some Japanese people are guessing over on My Game News Flash, but I have no idea if they are right. Check out the Flying Dog Wan Wan Campaign homepage on April 2nd for the answers. Unfortunately for any voice actor otaku outside of Japan, you need a Japanese mailing address to enter, but if you're feeling confident, leave some guesses in the comments!

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