Kana Hanazawa Added to "Sket Dance" Anime Cast in 2nd Year

Two characters are making their appearance

Kana Hanazawa (Mayuri Shiina from Steins;Gate, Nadeko Sengoku from Bake/Nisemonogatari) has been chosen to play Saaya as the Sket Dance anime, which premiered April 7th, 2011, approaches its second year. 



Actually, two popular characters are showing up soon—Saaya is a tsundere girl, whereas Koma has super human strength. It's unclear who will voice Koma at this time, but Hanazawa said she's been enjoying reading Kenta Shinohara's Sket Dance manga since she likes comedy manga in general.


The story follows Kaimei High School Support Kindness Encouragement and Troubleshoot group, the SKET Dan, as they tackle various problems on campus. 


via Yaraon!

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