Newest "Natsume Yujin-cho" Anime Merch Order Deadline Approaches

From t-shirts to cell phone lanyards

An ACG press release posted over at Moeyo reveals all the latest Natsume Yujin-cho (now in its fourth season) goods must be ordered soon, if at all. If you don't know where your towel is, you may want to read on and get a fluffy new one...


But wait! There are t-shirts:






Nyanko Sensei is also available in black. 3,150 yen each (about US $38.50).


These same designs (and color options) also come as tote bags:


2,100 yen each (~$25.70)


Big fluffy towel:



9,240 yen (~$112.94)





5,040 yen (~$61.61)


Fluffy scarf towel:



2,100 yen (~$25.70)


Fluffy mini towel:



1,050 (~$12.83)


There are a bunch of character arm pillows (10 x 10 cm), but they all have Nyanko Sensei on the back:




                 Back side example:      


840 yen (~$10.27)


Cell phone lanyard:




840 yen (~$10.27)


All of these items must be ordered by March 11th. They ship in mid April. Check out the BrainPolice Shop for more details, although it looks like you need a Japanese address. Natsume Yujin-cho fans, does this kind of stuff do your show justice? Do you prefer more or less Nyanko Sensei?



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