VIDEO: MikuMikuDanceCup VIII Winners Announced!

Overwhelming victory by MMD all star video "MMDDFF"

The results and winners of the most anticipated event, the 8th MMD (MikuMikuDance) Cup were announced on March 3. The official title of this winter's event was "MikuMikuDanceCup 2012: MMDCUP VIII Infinity". MMD is a freeware animation program to create 3D animation movies. Higuchi Yu produced the first version of MMD in February of 2008. A tremendous amount of videos have been created and posted by the MMD users since then.


MMD Cup, which was started in summer of 2008, is one of the most popular MMD video competition. Scoring for the competition is conducted by My list voting on Nico Nico Douga. There were 505 entries for the final (458 in the 7th). Which is your most favorite MMD video this time? 


1st winner: "MMDDFF" (FF Replay Battle) by Mu&Freddy

   My list points: 124,755



2nd winner "Amanojyaku" by cort

  My list points: 35,115



3rd winner "Panda Hero" by Hana8P

  My list points: 27,349


4th "IA-san de Tori no Uta" (Tori no Uta by IA) by F-san

   My list points: 23,399


5th "Mizuiro to Uchusen" (Sky Blue and Spaceship) by Masataka

  My list points: 23,414


6th "Shuku! Hatsune Miku Hatsu Kashoo Concert Dokkiri!" by 6666

  My list points: 18,306


7th "Mario wa Taihenna Koukaon o Narashiteikimashita" by PonpokoP

 My list points: 17,400


8th "Touhou The Movie~Mayoi no Chikurin o Toppa-seyo!" by kiriko

  My list points: 16,830


9th "Yukaina Nakamatachi to Scatman" by KUMA8

  My list points: 15,690


10th "Butsuri Enzan Pla-rail de Asobou" by Yajirobe

  My list points: 15,366

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