Photos: Banpresto Expo 2012 Round-Up

"Tiger & Bunny," "Fate/Zero," and MUCH more!

Banpresto Expo 2012 took place March 4th at Makuhari Messe in Chiba city.



"Banpresto Hakurankai" is shortened to "BanPaku" to make a cute nickname. Focusing on exhibition and sales of collectible prize figures (like Ichiban Kuji) upcoming and old, there were also stage events. We weren't able to go ourselves, but Japanese bloggers took pictures of all the cool displays. See some highlights below!


Part one of Akiba Hobby's photo report features Tiger & Bunny, One Piece, and more. Here is just a sample:











Part 2 features Fate/Zero, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, K-On!, Macross F, and more. Again, make sure to click through for the full report!











Here are some shots from Moeyo's report on new items:










Moeyo also went in-depth on Tiger & Bunny Ichiban Kuji, Bake/Nisemonogatari Ichiban Kuji, and Fate/Zero Ichiban Kuji, and they still appear to be posting more reports:







The concept of buying a lottery ticket and exchanging it for a character prize is sort of interesting. Would you be into that or would you rather just buy figures straight up? Banpresto seems to have some pretty cool stuff... Maybe I'll try my luck sometime!


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