Director Reveals Plans to Adapt Osamu Tezuka's "Dororo" Manga

Ernesto Foronda mentions project during South by Southwest promotion

While promoting his movie Sunset Stories ahead of the South by Southwest film festival, writer/director Ernesto Foronda (writer on the critically acclaimed Asian American movie Better Luck Tomorrow) let it slip that he is working on an adaptation of Osamu Tezuka's demon fighting action manga Dororo.


Talking to Indie Wire:

I was born in the Philippines and an aunt had taken me along to see 'Jaws' as a young child. I was totally hooked (pun, intended) then. To this day I have a great love for horror films and nervously laugh at the worst moments. I moved to the infamous OC as a young boy and my parents couldn’t afford childcare while they worked so I spent most of my afternoons at the multiplex going from movie to movie. While I struggled to fit in as an immigrant, I found shelter and acceptance in the dark theater. Even then, I knew that I wanted to make films.

"I'm working on an adaptation of Scott Heim's ('Mysterious Skin') novel, 'We Disappear' and an adaptation of legendary manga artist Osamu Tezuka's ('Astro Boy) 'Dororo'.


Dororo opens with a warlord trading his son's body with a group of 48 yokai/demons for power. The demons take the newborn's limbs, face, and organs. Fortunately, he's found by a doctor who fashions a prosthetic body, with which Hyakkimaru trains to become a swordsman, hunt down the demons, and retrieve his stolen flesh.


The original three-volume manga has been released in North America by Vertical Inc. It was adapted into a 2007 live action Japanese movie, and served as the basis for PlayStation 2 game Blood Will Tell.

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