"Gon" Anime Visuals and Cast (?!?!?) Revealed

Japanese and Korean co-production employs at least three voice actors

The animated adaptation of Masashi Tanaka's award-winning, wordless manga Gon is a co-production between one of the biggest animation localization companies in Korea, Daiwon Media, and Kodansha. 



It premieres in Japan on TV Tokyo April 2nd and will air in Korea later this summer, with broadcasts in "the West" seemingly coming down the pipeline as well. There are 50 episodes planned.




According to Mantan Web, the anime will retain the family-friendly, heart-warming feel of the original manga with themes of "friends, dreams, and love." But will it retain the manga's claim to fame and contain no words? Maybe not!




Playing the titular dinosaur is Motoko Kumai (Shaoran Li in Cardcaptor Sakura, Yuuna in Stitch!). Yūji Mitsuya (Tatsuya Uesugi in Touch, Komawari-kun in Gakideka) and Kenyū Horiuchi (Mephisto in Suite PreCure, Gotō in Hunter x Hunter) are also on board. 



They can't possibly just make animal noises for 50 episodes, can they? Or can they? Should we start taking bets?


©Masashi Tanaka/Kodansha/Daiwon Media

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