Japanese Students Banned from Club Activities Because of Valentine Chocolates

School regulation and girl's tradition of love collide

As you have learned from various anime and manga stories, Valentine's Day, February 14, is one of the most important day for Japanese girls. They can make a declaration of love with chocolate to anyone freely on the day. Japanese chocolate companies make half their annual sales during this time of the year.


But one junior high school didn't want to bring the girl's precious tradition into classroom. 140 female first and second grade students at Sobue Junior high school in Aichi Prefecture were accused of breaking the school regulation which prohibit students from bringing unnecessary things for study to school. According to the school, the students claimed that they gave the chocolates to their friends in the same club each other. Because of this, the school had banned seven of eleven club activities for one week. As a result, other students who didn't bring the

chocolate also couldn't do the activities for the period. The school principal explains, "We don't want

to deny the custom of the Valentine's Day, but we have the students who keep the regulation, too.

The students who were punished now understand our policy."



What's your opinion? Should the girls be punished for the Valentine chocolates?


Source: Mainichi

image © Nagaru Tanigawa/Noiji Ito/SOS-Dan

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