"Otome Yokai Zakuro" Gets Premium DVD Release from NIS America

NIS America to release 2010 supernatural action series under revised title "Zakuro"

NIS America seems to like picking up sleeper hits, as they've announced that their next home video release this year will be 2010's Otome Yokai Zakuro, which the company will be releasing under the revised title "Zakuro".


The series was originally streamed as a simulcast by Crunchyroll in 2010 and follows the story of Zakuro, who is a hybrid between human and spirit. Along with her partner, Kei, she takes assignments as a member of the Ministry of Spirit Affairs to settle any disputes or incidents that arise between humans and spirits. 

Otome Yokai Zakuro Premium Edition

As expected from NIS America's releases, this one will be released as a DVD-only Premium Edition this June for $59.99, with pre-orders available soon. The Premium Edition will feature a 36-page art book with episode guides, character profiles, cast interviews, an interview with Zakuro creator Lily Hoshino and exclusive artwork as well as 1 clean opening, 3 clean endings, and 2 original picture stories.

Now that Otome Yokai Zakuro will be getting a home video release, any of you going to pick up the boxset?

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