VIDEO: Virtua Fighter's Akira Throws Down in "Dead or Alive 5"

Sega's respected fighter crosses over with Team Ninja's busty brawler

This is kind of awesome in that Sega's Virtua Fighter series is practically the 3D fighting antithesis to Team Ninja's Dead or Alive. That's not stopping the former's lead fighter, Akira, from stepping into Dead or Alive 5's ring to show the ladies and gents a thing or two.


A potential crossover was kind of hinted at last month. Check out the trailer below to see how Akira performs against Kasumi. 



According to Team Ninja, Akira has shaken his impulsive past to become a well-disciplined fighter trained in the Chinese martial art Bājíquán. Dead or Alive 5 hits Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in September. 


Via Siliconera

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