Finnish National Character Illustration Competition Winners Announced

The Maiden of Finland now has a new bishoujo-look

”Suomi-neito” is the national character of Finland usually pictured as a young, beautiful blond lady. She also refers to the shape of the country, looking like a woman in a long dress.


The Embassy of Finland in Japan held the illustration competition of her in the middle of February this year. The winners from the 35 entries were announced on March 1. The Embassy explains in their official site, "The appearance of Suomi-neito has not been updated for long time. The tweet about Suomi-neito on our official twitter account on Feb 10 greatly piqued followers attention, which eventually opened the illustration competition of Suomi-neito." How do you like these new Suomi-neito? Do you think every countries should have this kind of illustrated national character?


Original Suomi-neito




by @ba66ie

Award winners

by @piro10088001

by Yuzu

by @URAN1017

Special award

by @paritoperi

Source: Toretate! Hobby Channel

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