Capcom x Bandai Namco x Sega Teaser Shows Some Chromosome

I guess that's not quite like showing some leg...

This eerie videogame teaser site appeared a while back with a few hints: Capcom, Bandai Namco, Sega, 3DS. Banpresto is involved as well.


The post-it roughly translates to "impossible to predict." In other words: You'll never guess what this game is gonna be!


The opening animation seemed to show someone accessing a morgue, maybe, but after the latest update, we see it's more like a genetics lab. These are chromosomes, right?



But look closer—I'm sure you can see how to solve this puzzle. Above is what you get when you click Capcom.


Here's Bandai Namco:



And Sega:



Ok, now go crazy in the comments to figure out who is who and why they are all taking a swim in a petri dish! Are we going to manipulate DNA via the touch screen to breed the next generation of videogame superheroes?


via Hachima Kikou (link includes an image with some guesses from Japanese gamers)

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