Cosplay Oriented Photo Studio Opened in Osaka

The biggest cosplay photo studio in Japan

Are you looking for the place for your cosplay photo shooting? HACOSTA, a Japanese rental photo studio company in Osaka, has opened "HACOSTUDIUM", the biggest photo studio dedicated to cosplay photo shooting in Japan on February 29. The studio features 30 various situations on the third to sixth and eighth floor. Its total size is about 1,200 square meters. The most popular rooms are "black near future" and "human box" so far. The usage charge are 2,000 yen (US$24.50) on weekdays (16:00-20:00) to 4,000 yen (US$49.03) on holidays (9:00-20:00). Which room do you want to use for your cosplay?



Classroom (3rd floor)

School passage (3rd)


Iron-barred prison (3rd)

Black near future (3rd)

Human box (3rd)

Steampunk (3rd)

Hologram stage (3rd)

Pirate (4th floor)

Japanese style room (4th)

Chinese style room (4th)

Oriental (4th)

European (5th floor)

Gothic (5th)

Church (5th)

White ruins (5th)

European terrace (8th floor)

Source: Namba Keizai Shimbun

photos © HACOSTA

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