Capcom Announces "Onimusha Soul" Strategy RPG

Characters from PS2 series featured in browser, smartphone game

When was the last time you thought about the Onimusha series? If it's been a while, Capcom is looking to change that with Onimusha Soul, a strategy RPG set to launch for browsers in June, with plans for a smartphone version sometime in fall.


Onimusha Soul features a new story that puts players in the role of a warlord. They'll build their empire and spark wars with other players, with the possibility of aligning together into groups, or establishing opposing factions. Capcom released some artwork from the RPG, but there aren't any screens yet. Capcom promises beautiful visuals for Soul, which will run on the Unity 3D engine.



You can also head to the official website to hear a song from May'n. Onimusha Soul will be free-to-play, with the ability to purchase items. I have fond memories of Capcom's first few samurai-horror attempts, but who knows if we'll ever see Soul outside of Japan. Anyone else a fan, and is this what you expected out of an Onimusha announcement? 


Via Siliconera

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