"One Piece" Birthday Triple-Threat Featuring "Cyborg" Franky!

Going out of our way to celebrate a SUUUUUUUUPEEEEERRRR birthday

It's honestly kind of annoying when all your friends' birthdays are close together. It's not like their birthday is close to Christmas, so you can get away with "here's a combination birthday and Christmas gift," and you can't say "here's one present for all of you," so it's always kind of hard on the wallet.


Three major One Piece characters share a birthday today, and we're celebrating the way I like to--with awesome fanart! Sanji got the spotlight last week, and now the Strawhats' resident shipwright and cyborg (don't ask) Franky gets to celebrate with cake, ice cream, and lots of cola.



by ナックシ

Franky is, as I mentioned earlier, the Strawhats' shipwright, having built their powerful new ship the Thousand Sunny and sticking around to maintain and improve it. Franky is a cyborg (powered by cola), having rebuilt and augmented his own body after a grievous injury--but this means all his upgrades are on the front, so he's vulnerable from behind!



by 神無

"Red Hair" Shanks is the man that One Piece main character Monkey D. Luffy looks up to more than anyone else. Having saved a young Luffy's life (and losing an arm in the process), Shanks is now feared by the World Government as one of the Pirate world's "Four Kings."



by eilinna

Dracule Mihawk is, without a doubt, the most powerful swordsman in the One Piece world, and is an old friend of Shanks. Having completely decimated Strawhat first mate and swordsman Zoro early in their journey, Mihawk is a far-off goal for Zoro to reach with his swordsmanship. Having recently trained under Mihawk, it looks like Zoro is slowly reaching that goal.



by 茶王


I've given up soda for Lent, so I can't join in the proceedings... but what about you? What are some of your favorite Franky, Shanks, and Mihawk moments? Mine is as simple as this:


Ahh, Pirate Docking Six. Poor Robin, not wanting to join in something so embarassing IMPOSSIBLY COOL.

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