VIDEO: "Ciel Nosurge" Director Interview and Trailer

"Lifestyle" game hits Vita in Japan April 26th

The official PlayStation YouTube channel posted a trailer for Ciel Nosurge featuring an interview with director Akira Tsuchiya as well as in-game footage.


He says Ciel Nosurge has a "totally different play style" from other games, citing the keyword "lifestyle," and explains how you play by checking in on Ion throughout the day and interacting with her to help her regain her memories bit by bit. He invites players to enjoy the world of the game for a year or even longer.



For more info about how you interact with Ion, check out our previous post. Ciel Nosurge is out in Japan on Vita April 26th, but if you're feeling fluent remember that the Vita is not region locked!


via Otakomu

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