VIDEO: Inside Akihabara's New Rabbit Cafe

Candy Fruit Rabbit House is hoppin'

You've probably heard of cat cafes, and maybe even dog cafes, but for just two months now, Akihabara has been home to a new rabbit cafe. Candy Fruit Rabbit House (Candy Fruits Usagi no Kan) is an open space with two private rooms. Admission is 1000 yen (just over US $12) for 30 minutes, 1600 (~$19) for 60, 2200 (~$27) for 90 (plus 200 on Saturdays and Holidays), but it's all-you-can-drink of their cafe fare. There is no food intended for people offered—only rabbit snacks, but you can bring your own for 300 yen per item. It's 500 yen to take photos—more if you want a shot with one of the staff.


The bunnies hop around freely, and are actually also available for purchase in case you want a pet of your own instead of sharing it with other cafe-goers. Please experience Candy Fruit Rabbit House vicariously through this masked-man:



What do you guys think? Are you excited enough about rabbits to shell out for a cafe like this, or would you rather stick to dogs or cats?


Source: Gadget Tsūshin via My Game News Flash

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