Luffy Voice Actress Performed Telephone Book-Sized Script for "One Piece Pirate Warriors"

Producer interview contains at least one interesting comment

Mantan Web ran a short Q&A with One Piece Pirate Warriors producers Kouji Nakajima and Hisashi Koinuma (from Bandai Namco and Koei Tecmo respectively). Check out our translation below: 


What are the game's characteristics and selling points?


This is a collaboration between the most prominent action game series Musou and the nationally popular One Piece manga. It's an exhilirating action game where you mow down the pirates and marines advancing on protagonist Luffy and the other charming characters who appear in the manga.


What is the development concept?


This is the first One Piece game where you can experience the story vicariously, so we took great pains to find a way to get a lot of episodes in. Because of this, I think it ended up as neither the manga nor the anime, but its own work. 


Also, since there are many totally unique characters with stretching arms, or the ability to freely manipulate fire, we took a considerable amount of time in reproducing them. We developed it to have the fun and exhilirating sense you'd expect from an action game. 


Because it's done you can start smiling, but please tell us about a difficult time during development. 


It's a fully-voiced game. For that reason the number of voices we recorded was huge, and the scripts we gave to the voice actors were extremely thick. Mayumi Tanaka, who plays Luffy, was often commenting at events and places, "It was thick like a telephone book," so it made an impression.


A word for the fans, please!


This game is one that beginners can play easily as well, so please laugh and cry while playing One Piece Pirate Warriors.


One Piece Pirate Warriors came out in Japan March 1st and we're crossing our fingers for North American and European releases. 

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