VIDEO: J-pop America Fun Time Now! Strikes Again on Saturday Night Live!

Jonathan-san and Rebecca-san are baaaaaaack!

Brace yourselves! Saturday Night Live delivered yet another J-pop America Fun Time Now! skit last night, lampooning the behavior of foreign otaku and Japanophiles everywhere. Can the addition of Jonah Hill make the gag work for the third time or has this joke gone on too long? 



My two cents: Ugh. I'm not against making fun of j-pop fans...provided the jokes are actually funny. But this is pretty much a straight recycling of material from the first two J-pop America Fun Time Now! skits. Jonah Hill should be channeling the spirit of John Belushi's old SNL samurai character, but instead is content to read the cue cards like he's half asleep. So was I by the end of it.


Now how about you?


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