VIDEO: Japanese Guy Goes Bonkers After Getting Banned on PSN

Warning: Please keep plastic bags away from babies and angry gamers

Have you ever been banned from an online service? Even if it makes you a little sour, most people would shrug and accept their fate, but not this Japanese gamer! Instead, he donned a plastic bag, a Snuggie, and put on his very best forced delinquent accent to show that he's mad as hell and he ain't gonna take it anymore!



The ban hammer apparently came down on the guy after trading off messages and insults following a heated argument in Call of Duty. What could have caused the fight? Why, jealousy over his own elite skills, of course. With all those hardcore rolled R's, I'd personally like to imagine he looks something like this under the bag.



But a REAL tough guy would've been able to rip that manga anthology in half with the fury of a thousand yakuza. 

psn, wtf
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