Tetsuya Nomura Prepping New "Final Fantasy Versus XIII" Info

Nomura plans to give fans something to really get excited about

I'm gonna be blunt with all of you: I have no idea why there's so much hype for Final Fantasy Versus XIII, because we know next to nothing about the game. It has some dude named Noctis and he's getting a ride in a really nice car and then he's fighting some guys with floating swords and... that's it? That's what you're all so excited about?


Well, it looks like Final Fantasy creative lead and character designer Tetsuya Nomura says he has something new in store for the upcoming issue of Famitsu. Nomura has said that certain "totally unrelated" circumstances are keeping him quiet about the info for now.


Until then, let the speculation begin! I'm not expecting much--probably some definite information on what exactly Versus XIII is (other than an action-RPG) and maybe more gameplay and character screenshots.  Heck, if it's anything like Final Fantasy XIII-2, color me interested. What do you think? What kind of information could this newest update bring?




via Andriasang

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