Media Blasters Cancels "Record of Lodoss War" DVD Release

Series re-licensed in 2010 and originally planned for last year

As the company continues to operate with a skeleton crew, Media Blasters is slowly shedding licenses that it has licensed over two years after massive layoffs at the beginning of the year, starting with the planned reissue of Record of Lodoss War which was previously licensed by Central Park Media before their eventual demise in 2008 after years of struggling due to the 2006 Musicland Group bankruptcy and liquidation.


Record of Lodoss War


The news of the cancellation comes after a Facebook user asked the company about the status of the long planned reissue, and the person running the page confirmed that the series would no longer be released.


The series was quietly confirmed by Media Blasters in 2010, but the company's struggles during the last year ensured that no sign of the series ever made itself known. Now that the reissue is cancelled, the series will remain officially out of print until either Media Blasters decides to call it a day, (which everyone who follows the company is expecting) or another company that specializes in older releases like Discotek Media decides to grab the license for the series.


via The Fandom Post

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