"Urusei Yatsura" Lum Label Liqueur to be Sold at Sake Festival

Home town of Rumiko Takahashi holds sake festival this weekend

This weekend, over one hundred sake producers from across Niigata Prefecture will be bringing their brews to the annual Sake no jin sake festival, held at the Toki Messe convention center in Niigata City. Niigata happens to be the home town of Rumiko Takahashi, and Fuji Shuzo will be honoring the legend with sake inspired by Lum from Takahashi's manga Urusei Yatsura.


The chocolate liqueur scented sake sells for 3,780 yen ($45) for a set of two bottles.



The Lum sake will also be offered in a set with Maison Ikkoku label Junmai Ginjo premium sake for 6,510 yen ($78).


via Otanews

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