Udon Gets Sexy, Hairy with "Bayonetta" Art Book

"The Eyes of Bayonetta" comes to North America

Bayonetta was a killer game with fantastic art design, even if you happen to not be a huge fan of skin-tight costumes made entirely out of hair. Udon is bringing some of that art to North America in the form of an art book called The Eyes of Bayonetta



The Eyes of Bayonetta contains 224 pages of character sketches, CG model art, monster designs, weapons, locales, and commentary by the game's creators, including an hour-long DVD interview with the development staff at Platinum Games. Though Udon has yet to announce a release date, the book will retail for $40.


Any Bayonetta fans here? I'd certainly like to get my hands on this book when it drops. 


Via Siliconera

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