JManga Adds New "Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru" and Harlequin Romances

Six volumes added to digital manga portal

For its second update this week, legal digital manga portal JManga adds the fourth volume of idiosyncratic comedy Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru (the anime of which was released by Section23 as And Yet the Town Moves) and five new Harlequin Romances.


Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru Vol. 4
Created by Masakazu Ishiguro



At first glance, the shopping district of Maruko appears to be an average shopping street, but it is here that this comedy of not a maid café, but a maid coffee shop unfolds.

A Bed of Sand
Created by Laura Wright , Kyoko Sagara


It was a fake wedding devised to make her sister happy. Only Rita should have known about her plan. Even her boss, Sakir, whose name she used for the groom shouldn't have known.... So why is he standing in the aisle, clad in a caftan fit for a king? He then spoke to the pale-faced Rita. "You must come with me to my home country as my bride. For business."

To Marry a Stranger
Created by Renee Roszel , Takako Hashimoto


"My dream is to be happily married!" Helen, filled with the desire to fall in love, visits the Love Mansion, where a legend claims that if any unmarried woman stays at the mansion on her birthday, the next man she meets will be the man of her destiny! However hearing strange noises in the darkness, Helen starts to regret her idea. "It was reckless for me to come here on my own." Suddenly a large shadow appears in front of her! Who could this be...?

Public Wife, Private Mistress
Created by Sarah Morgan, Masami Hoshino 


"Come with me," her husband demands. Stacia hasn't seen Rico in over a year but he hasn't changed at all. His arrogant attitude, his alluring eyes... The free-spirited art lover Stasia and the workaholic billionaire Rico fell passionately in love, but Rico's sister's cruel lie ruined everything. But when his sister is involved in a serious accident she calls for Stacia. Perhaps she is trying to make up for what she did? Stasia makes her way to Sicily, where memories of love await her.

The Bride of Montefalco
Created by Rebecca Winters, Kiriko Higashizato 


Ally's husband died in a car accident 4 months ago with an unknown woman in the passenger seat. The woman is soon identified as the wife of a well-known Italian duke. Not knowing what to do with her grief, Ally flies to Rome in the hope of meeting the woman's widower and consoling each other over their loss... However, not only is she turned away by the security guards at the gate of the duke's mansion, she is abducted by a man named Gino, who throws her into a prison cell! What is going on...?


Marriage Scandal, Showbiz Baby!

Created by Sharon Kendrick, Marito Ai 


Seduced by Matteo, a world-famous actor, the once-innocent Jennifer marries the superstar and starts her own acting career. But at the height of their popularity, their busy lives tear them apart and they go their separate ways. They thought it was over, until they bump into each other on the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival. Although at first tempers flare, in a moment of passion in the elevator they make love once more. A few weeks later, Jennifer starts to notice changes happening within her body...

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