Brand New PreCure Apparel for Adults Offered in Japan

Celebrating the newest movie opened tomorrow in Japan

The newest PreCure movie "PreCure All Stars New Stage: Friends of the Future" will hit Japanese theaters tomorrow, on March 17. To celebrate the release, Bandai Premium, Bandai's official shopping site, has started accepting orders for their brand new apparel for adults featuring the PreCure characters today.


Basically, PreCure is an anime series for preschool and preteen kids. But recently the producers have realized that there is a decent-sized market for the adult fans. We have seen more and more adult-oriented PreCure events and products coming in Japan. Considering the rapid decline in birthrate now and future, it must a precise market analysis.


PreCure Allstars T-Shirt 2012 (comic pattern)

 Price: 5,900 yen (approximately US$70.66)



PreCure Allstars T-Shirt 2012 (colorful pattern)

 Price: 5,900 yen (approximately US$70.66)



Smile PreCure! parka (hooded jacket)

 Price: 5,900 yen (approximately US$70.66)



Heartcatch PreCure! Illustration T-shirt

 Price: 5,900 yen (approximately US$70.66)



Heartcatch PreCure Ladies T-shirts (Cure Blossom & Cure Marine)

  Price: 3,900 yen (approximately US$46.70)


Source: Press release



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© PreCure Allstars NS production Committee

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