Leiji Matsumoto's "OZMA" Anime to Stream Worldwide

Project adapted from 30 year old script to begin streaming this weekend with earthquake donation campaign

A new online startup in Viki has announced the rights to stream the forthcoming OZMA anime project from legendary anime producer and director Leiji Matsumoto, which is based off of a 30 year old unproduced script. The series will comprise six episodes which begin airing on Friday night at midnight in Japan, with Viki streaming them 24 hours after initial airing.


What makes this notable is that the stream is truly worldwide, in the sense that the series will be available legally to 200 countries except for Japan and subtitles will be provided by the registered users of the portal, as Viki takes advantage of members that want to translate and provide subs for each language, in effect crowdsourcing the work of translation, much like manga portal J-Comi now allows members to do the same for manga.


Viki has also announced a companion fundraiser campaign that asks viewers of the series to donate to either the Leiji World Summit Charity or another charity of their choosing in recognition of the 3-11 earthquake. As for the series itself, it will span six episodes and features the following staff:


  • Ryosuke Takahashi (executive director), 
  • Takahiro Ikezoe (director) 
  • Junki Takegami (script writer)


The show’s opening theme “NEVERLAND” is performed by K-pop band FTISLAND, while the closing theme song “Utagoe” is performed by Minami Kizuki. In addition, Viki has also announced the future release of Astro Boy, Black Jack, and The Galaxy Railways on the portal as it continues to add anime titles.

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